10 hacks that every bespectacled must know

A good pair of eyeglasses can be a better companion than a friend. They give you instant eyesight and if styled correctly, can be the feature of your outfit, nerdy (round frames), chic (3D printed frames), dramatic (cat-eyed frames), you name it!

As much as we enjoy the perks, well, wearing glasses is not always fun. Especially, when you’ve to walk carefully because you can’t find your glasses. Or when in summers, the glasses just won’t stay on your nose!

Read on to know how you can hack these issues and lead a bespectacled lifestyle.

1 ) When you swear you left your glasses on the bedside table – 

If you have a blurry sight without your glasses, use this trick to see clearly for the time-being. Hold your fist closed such that you can see through a tiny hole. Et voila! Watch this video to understand better why this works so well.

2) When you’ve lost your glasses yet again – 

Don’t worry, we know the struggle! If you’re near-sighted, use the camera on your phone and look like a hacking wizard.


3) When you need ‘em in the middle of the night –

Find them in a jiffy by applying a thin coat of neon nail polish on the temples of your eyeglasses. You can also stick a thin night-glow tape on your eyeglass case.



4) When your glasses start to cloud in the shower –

If you’ve washed your hair with conditioner and then shampooed your hair tips more than once, then this hack is for you. Tie a rubber on the conditioner bottle to help you identify.


5) When you run out of lens cleaner –

Use the dish soap, amigos! But first, dilute it by more than 50%. Also, remember never to use anything with alcohol, vinegar, ammonia and bleach as these will harm the protective layer on your glasses.


6) When you’re sipping your hot cuppa and BAMMM!! Fogged glasses!

Just use shaving foam or soap to clean your glasses. Over time, it forms a protective layer on your glasses that prevents your glasses from fogging.


  7 ) When your eyeliner brush keeps hitting the mirror – 

As a four eyed person, it is difficult to put your eye make-up on. Everything looks hazy without the glasses. And we’ve all been there, when we’ve nearly lost an eye because we leaned too close looking into the mirror. Get your hands on some small travel sized eye makeup brushes and you can safely perfect that wing.


8) When your lashes keep hitting your glasses –

Using a volumizing mascara instead of a lengthening mascara. The density of your lashes will also give you a dramatic look from behind the glasses.

giphy (1)

9) When you run out of Nerdwax – 

It is irksome when your glasses keep sliding down the bridge of your nose. Worry not, just grab your eye shadow primer and apply it on your nose, where the glass sits. Primers make products stick to them, which is just what you need.

If you particularly have oily skin and the primer alone is not helping, you can use some setting spray or translucent powder that extra grip.

giphy (2)

10) When your eyes look washed down because of your glasses –

This happens to majority of us who wear eyeglasses. Simply line your eyeliner wing with the top corner of your glasses. This trick will elongate and lift your eyes, giving a bold appearance.


Now, that you have these ingenious tricks you can bid those clumsy days goodbye. Go ahead and flaunt your glasses with pride.

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