1 common thing these December celebs share

As you gear up to welcome Santa and ring in the New Year, it’s the perfect time to up your style quotient. To help you, we have a list of hot December-born trendsetters to follow in the cool month of December.

1. The Salman statement



Whatever he wears becomes a trend.27th December born superstar Salman Khan’s eyewear have been unmistakable part of some of his most-loved characters. His classic aviator-wielding avatar in Danang or his thick-framed eyeglasses in Ready, or the pitch black aviators in Bodyguard, glasses not only made his characters complete but also set a stylish trend. We highly recommend aviators as style fix for this season for its versatility, edginess and impact.

2.If looks could kill


Reel life or real, John Abraham is a star. Whether it’s his films or his style, December-born John manages to rule the hearts of his fans. Often seen dressed in a pair of basic blue jeans, sporty jackets,and tee shirts, a pair of basic black aviator sunglasses, is what completes his look.

3. Spunky style


This bold and spirited Sagittarian has a fearless style. Oversized or peppy heart shaped ones; Niki Minaj can carry her sunglasses with élan. If you have the spunk, then go for it!

4. The ‘no-matter-what’ stunner


Not only did she rule the charts with her songs but has also been a style icon. Britney Spears has it in her that takes to carry different looks. December 2nd born, Britney has a way with eyewear. Whether bold sunglasses or chic eyeglasses, she’s rarely seen without them, sporting all shapes and sizes with cool confidence.

5. The heartthrob on a roll


This Sagittarian has been ruling the hearts of his fans for decades and has been an iconic personality. With an impeccable sense of style, Brad Pitt is someone who’s seen as stylish yet sensible in his choices of accessories.  The mantra seems ‘restrained and classy’. December 18 born Brad is very often seen sporting classic and masculine aviators and navigators. But lately thick-rimmed eyeglasses have been his staple, which perfectly complement his defined jaw line.

6. Ageless Charm


Whether 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s, someone who continues to enamour and entertain is Anil Kapoor. December 24 born Kapoor is always seen as someone who’s immaculately turned out for every occasion. Eyewear has been an integral part of the actor’s repertoire whether it’s his characters in films or his public appearances. Like his role in TV series 24 as a cop couldn’t be complete without classic aviators nor his role of a lawyer in Chocolate without his thick-rimmed eyeglasses. Retro yet cool Clubmaster sunglasses is the latest trend Anil is seen sporting.

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